Our Experience as Tree Inventory Volunteers in the Atlantic Forest


My Highlights at IPBio: Bioacoustics, Glowing Mushrooms and Sunsets

This morning while annotating audio recordings of the forest, I was suddenly interrupted by a cute, strikingly green hummingbird that found itself stuck inside the building.As I tried to help the little guy out, I was able to briefly hold it perched on my finger before it finally made its way outside. I continued working with audio recordings until after lunch, when Imran and I hiked up the steep trail to collect more bioacoustics data, captured a small tree frog inside the volunteer house to release outside, and planned a spontaneous weekend camping trip to PETAR state park with some of the other staff members and volunteers.

It’s been two months since I first arrived in Iporanga and I can truly say that no two days here have been a like.Between the interesting and diverse projects at IPBio and being fully immersed in an environment so different from home, I’m constantly surprised by the things I get to do and experience.I’ll share a few highlights:

Goodbye IPBio and Iporanga!

Our final weeks at the reserve were busy ones. Morgane was working nonstop to finish her second video and she entered a kind of sphere of solitude, wherein if you tried to interrupt her during a key editing phase you were in for a stern talking to. Meanwhile, my last week’s saw me venture back into the forest to help another volunteer with a tree inventory project. I will get back to this later though.
What really made our last week’s special was a visit from professor Ariovaldo of UNESP University. Ariovaldo is a world-renowned bat specialist who, along with his team, came to stay at the reserve for a few days to monitor bat populations within the Atlantic Forest. This gave us volunteers a unique opportunity to see the elusive creatures up close and even help with the research process. Each evening we would setup a series of fine nets positioned in various locations across the reserve. These nets would capture passing bats and then Ariovaldo and his team would take them to the lab fo…